Aluminum Die Casting Mold
Aluminum Die Casting Mold

Aluminum Die Casting Mold

Aluminum die casting mould is made based on customers own drawing and requirement. We can make the aluminum die casting mold to customer at first, then we will make the products by mold, and send the products to customers directly.
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Product Introduction


Aluminum die casting mould is made based on customers own drawing and requirement. We can make the aluminum die casting mold to customer at first, then we will make the products by mold, and send the products to customers directly. If customer also need the mold, and want to product their products by themselves by the mold, we can also make and send the mold to customers.

Aluminium die casting mold is a tool for casting metal parts, and a tool for completing the die casting process on a dedicated die casting die forging machine.


The basic process of die casting is that low-speed or high-speed casting of molten metal into the cavity of the mold firstly. The mold has a movable cavity surface. It is pressurized forged with the cooling process of the molten metal, which eliminates the shrinkage of the blank. Loose defects also make the internal structure of the blank reach broken grains in the forged state. The comprehensive mechanical properties of the blank have been significantly improved.

Product Specification

Product name

Aluminum Die Casting Mold


H13 Steel

Mold Lifetime

50000-120000 shots

Lead Time

25-45 days


Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine


Die Casting


Lighting, automotive, furniture, electronic, industrial, etc

Material Specification


Serial No:



Lot No

Alloy And Temper

Dimension (mm)



Technique Standard


Composition Standard


Chemical Composition %





























Mechanical Property

Cup Bulge









Surface Control


Dimension Control

Meet Standard



Die casting is a precision casting method. The dimensional tolerances of die castings cast by die casting are very small, and the surface accuracy is very high. In most cases, the die castings can be assembled and applied without turning. Parts can also be cast directly. From small parts such as general lighting parts, furniture parts, camera parts, typewriter parts, electronic computing devices and decorations, as well as complex parts of vehicles such as automobiles, locomotives, and airplanes, most of them are manufactured by die-casting method.

The advantages of die casting include excellent dimensional accuracy of castings. Usually this depends on the casting material. The typical value is 0.1 mm for the initial 2.5 cm size, and 0.002 mm for each additional cm. Compared with other casting processes, its casting surface is smooth, and the fillet radius is about 1-2.5 microns. Compared to sandbox or permanent mold casting methods, castings with a wall thickness of approximately 0.75 mm can be produced. It can directly cast internal structures, such as wire sleeves, heating elements, and high-strength bearing surfaces. Other advantages include its ability to reduce or avoid secondary machining, fast production speed, casting tensile strength of up to 415 MPa, and the ability to cast high-fluidity metals.

Our Company

Quanixng Moulding and Machinery was founded in 2008, and has been making aluminum die casting molds and parts as customer design over 15 years. And our engineer has over 25 years experiences in manufacturing molds. So you can believe that we are very professional in this field.

Our factory can make both die casting mold and product according to customers' design.

But different customers will have different requirements.

If you just need the mold, before making the mold, we can help you design the mold drawing according to your die casting machine and other requirements, and we will also send the 3D drawing of the mold to you to check it.

If you also need the products, we also has our own machining workroom, some surface finish workroom and packing workroom to finish all the processes by ourselves.

In addition, after we make the mold for you, there is no any requirement for MOQ.

We have ISO9001 and SGS Certificate. And we will have 100% inspection before shipment.

We also has a good team over 80 workers, and will bring good service to our customers.


Mold Flow Chart

In order to let you know further information of our company, now send you our mold manufacturing flow chart.

Before making the mold, we can help our customers design the mold drawing.

And we will also send the 3D drawing of the mold to our customers to check it.

After the mold is finished, we can also provide continuous testing mold video to you.





We will make painting on the surface of this aluminium die casting mold to protect it before the mold is exported. So we can make sure our products will have good quality.

We will pack the mold by wooden case, so the mold will be well protected.



Because the mold is very heavy, so we suggest to send the mold by railway transport, sea transport and air transport. Customers can choose one of the transport by themselves. And customer can choose their own forwarders or our forwarders who has competitive freight cost.

Railway transport


Sea transportAir transport


1. Q: What material that you used for aluminium die casting mould?

A: For the feed port and vent hole of the mold, both of them are well-designed.

The mold cavity is made through high precision CNC machining and highly polishing.

The mold core material is genuine H13 Steel. So the mold lifetime will be much longer.

2. Q: What is the lifetime of the die casting mold?

A: The general lifetime for H13 steel mold is 50,000-60,000 shots. After the end of mold lifetime, we will make new mold for our customers in free.

3. Q: If we don’t need large quantity for the product in the future, how can we save money from the mold?

A: If the quantity for the product that you need is less in the future, we suggest you can make simple mold for the product, in this way, the mold cost will be a little cheaper.

For simple mold, the mold core is not very good, but the mold frame is same as normal mold. And the mold lifetime is only 5000 shots, which means the mold can only make 5000pcs in total. But for normal mold, the mold lifetime is about 50,000-60,000 shots.

4. Q: What is the advantage of H13 mold?

A: We mainly make aluminum die casting tooling by H13 steel. H13 steel is hot work die steel. Implementation of the standard GB/T1299-2000. The unified digital code is A20502; the brand is 4Cr5MoSiV1; it is the H13 air-quenched and hardened hot work die steel imported from the United States. Its properties and uses are basically the same as 4Cr5MoSiV steel, but because of its higher vanadium content, its medium temperature (600 degrees) performance is better than 4Cr5MoSiV steel. It is a representative steel grade with a wide range of uses in hot work die steel. Used to manufacture forging dies, hot extrusion dies, precision forging dies with high impact load; die-casting dies for aluminum, copper and their alloys. The steel has high hardenability and thermal crack resistance; high content of carbon and vanadium, good wear resistance, relatively weakened toughness; good heat resistance, and good strength at higher temperatures And hardness, high wear resistance and toughness, excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and high tempering resistance stability.

We can also make the die casting mold by other material according to customers own demand, such as DIVER, 2344 and so on. If you have you own requirement, you can told us.

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